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8 days Lemosho route Climbing Tour Overview

Certainly! The 8 days Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro trekking tour is an incredible adventure that takes you to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. The Lemosho Route is known for its scenic beauty, diverse landscapes, and a higher success rate of reaching the summit compared to some other routes. Here's a general outline of what you can expect during this trek:

8 day Lemosho route Climbing Tour Itinerary

Arrival: Arrival in Tanzania
You'll arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and be transferred to your hotel in Moshi or Arusha, where you'll meet your trekking group and have a briefing with your guide about the upcoming adventure.
Day 1: Lemosho Glades to Big Tree Camp
Your trek begins at the Lemosho Glades gate. The trail winds through lush rainforests with diverse flora and fauna. You'll trek for about 5-6 hours, reaching the Big Tree Camp (Mti Mkubwa) at an altitude of approximately 2,650 meters (8,690 feet) to spend the night.
Day 2: Big Tree Camp to Shira 1 Camp
Today's trek takes you through the moorland zone with some steep sections. You'll continue to ascend, and after 6-7 hours of hiking, you'll arrive at the Shira 1 Camp, situated at around 3,505 meters (11,500 feet).
Day 3: Shira 1 Camp to Shira 2 Camp
The trail takes you to Shira 2 Camp, where you'll hike through a landscape marked by volcanic rocks. The altitude at Shira 2 Camp is about 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). This is a shorter hiking day, allowing you to acclimatize to the increasing altitude.
Day 4: Shira 2 Camp to Barranco Camp
Today, you'll cross the Shira Plateau and descend to the Barranco Valley. The trek will take you approximately 6-7 hours, and you'll camp at Barranco Camp, situated at around 3,960 meters (13,000 feet).
Day 5: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp
This day involves some challenging sections, including the Barranco Wall, which requires careful scrambling. You'll reach an altitude of about 4,035 meters (13,200 feet) at Karanga Camp, where you'll spend the night.
Day 6: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp
The trek continues to Barafu Camp, located at approximately 4,640 meters (15,200 feet). This is your last camp before the summit push, and you'll rest here to prepare for the final ascent.
Day 7: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp
You'll start the summit attempt in the early hours of the morning, aiming to reach the summit, Uhuru Peak, at 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level. The climb can take around 6-8 hours, and you'll witness a breathtaking sunrise from the top of Africa. After spending some time at the summit, you'll descend to Mweka Camp, situated at about 3,100 meters (10,170 feet).
Day 8: Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate
On the last day of your trek, you'll hike down to Mweka Gate, where you'll receive your summit certificates. From there, you'll be transferred back to your hotel in Moshi or Arusha to celebrate your accomplishment.


No of Pax 1 Pax 2 Pax 3 Pax 4 Pax 5 Pax 6 Pax 7 Pax 8+ Pax
Price PP $2,850 $2,610 $2,610 $2,610 $2,485 $2,485 $2,485 $2,360

8 day Lemosho route Climbing Tour inclusion

  • Kilimanjaro trekking according to the itinerary
  • Professional, English-speaking Wilderness First Responder certified Guide
  • Proper Ration of Mountain crew (Cook & Porters)
  • Pre and Post accommodations
  • Airport Transfers
  • Meals according to the itinerary
  • Drinking water and Full Board Meals
  • All National Park & Hut Fees, Crew Permits and VAT
  • Gate Transfers
  • Complimentary Oxygen Cylinder
  • Credit Card Transfer Fees
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